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JAK - 200 Tree Shear

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JAK - 200
308.00 LBS


For 1.8 to 5 ton excavators (4000-11000 lbs)

JAK-200 is a tree shear designed for versatile professional use, suitable for use in smaller scale excavators.

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JAK-200 was born out of an existing need

The world is full of a variety of mini excavators for which there has been no practical and efficient energy wood grapple. That is why we have developed our own JAK-200 for this very purpose. At first we thought this is a good addition to our wide range of products, but JAK-200 has surprised us and many others with its popularity.

There are numerous applications where large work machines cannot be used. Thus, lightweight and agile mini excavators can perform the desired job efficiently with the versatile features of JAK-200. JAK-200 neatly cuts small shrubs and twigs, but it also has enough cutting power to take down larger trees.

JAK-200 is at its best when you want to carry out efficient clearing while avoiding soil damage. JAK-200 is designed for heavy use and existing need. Our tree shears are able to operate in harsh conditions and professional use.

Each of our tree shears go through a precise quality control process and we use only the best materials to manufacture our products. We are especially proud to use SSAB’s prestigious Hardox steel as the base material for our products. “Hardox In my Body” guarantees that our tree shears are made to last.

JAK-200 is the powerhouse of smaller excavators

JAK-200 is the master of tree shears for smaller scale excavators, which, despite its compact size, is a real powerhouse. JAK-200 is great for clearing of roadsides and field sides, for example.

Developed for heavy use, JAK-200 cuts the wood to be harvested neatly and precisely at the desired point from ground level. With this agile and strong tree shear, energy wood can be easily cleared up to tree trunks up to 20 cm (7,9 in) thick, which is why its possibilities of use are rather versatile. Many of our customers have also harnessed JAK-200 for the care of trees in gardens and parks, for example.

With the JAK-200’s wide 600 mm (23,6 in) opening, it is also easy to cut several small trees at once. The JAK-200’s design-protected structure takes an unmistakable grip on the desired wood material, allowing the pressed wood to be neatly cut. If necessary, the cutting blade can be removed, in which case the tree shear acts as a wood grapple.

JAK-200 tree shear specifications

  • Weight: 140kg (308 lbs)
  • Cutting diameter: 200 mm (7,9 in)
  • Working pressure: 200-300 bar (2 900-4 351 psi)
  • Minimum oil flow: 30 l/min (7,9 gal/min)
  • Opening: 600mm (23,6 in)
  • Impact plate height: 310 mm (12 in)


JAK-200 is equipped with the fasteners desired by the customer.